Industrial Assembly and Manufacturing

Adhesives, Sealants and Tapes

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We offer a wide range of adhesives, sealants, and tapes for a variety of industrial assembly applications including metal, composite, plastic, and rubber bonding, brush and roller, grinding wheels, hammer and ax, repair and maintenance, and sporting goods applications. Our industry expertise, along with our innovative thinking helps develop custom formulations to meet your specific needs. From methyl methacrylate, cyanoacrylate, and anaerobic adhesives to single-use structural and non-structural adhesives, our product line offers strong bonding properties including:

•    Bonding from elastic to high-structural

•    Excellent shear and peel strength.

•    Extreme chemical resistance.

•    High- and low-temperature resistance.

•    Different thermal length expansions.

•    Vibration, shock, torque, and impact resistance.

•    Noise and sound damping.

•    Thermal conductivity and insulation.

•    Corrosion protection被触手怪进入花蕊 被触手在子宫受孕漫画(7 16),成都4p门事件大全 成都4p视频截图,少妇的秘密最新章节 少妇的秘密免费阅读_伊看书苑

•    Weight reduction

•    Flame retardancy.

Our water-based adhesives and sealants are used in a variety of assembly applications to provide a strong bond for multiple substrates. Other performance properties include:

•    Higher initial green strength.

•    Increased resistance to humidity, water, oil, plasticizers, and solvents.

•    Ease of application.

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